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4 Visuals for your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

We all would like to improve on our open rates. How are we supposed to generate lead lists from our content if no one is opening and viewing our content? There is a simple way to get more eye balls on your content and it hasn’t been a secret for a long time. Adding visuals to your content can help not only improve your open rate; but it can also improve your bounce rate, time on page, and shares. All of those metrics are important to your content marketing strategy.

Aligning Brand and Demand

Is brand awareness a part of demand generation? No, the pure definition of demand generation nullifies this notion. Demand generation is the process of generating measurable demand for your product or service. Brand awareness on the other hand is more about maintaining a visible presence between your company and consumers. This is a practice that is not always measurable by today’s marketing metrics.

A Guide to The Buyer’s Journey

We have all heard about the buyer’s journey and all of the different variations of it. Some companies prefer a process look, while others like McKinsey prefer a circular journey map. Neither approach to the buyer’s journey is incorrect; it is up to the company to decide which process is a better fit for their business. Here at Sponge Software, and previous companies I have worked for/with, tend to prefer the process look.

For this post we will walk three each of the three stages of the buyer’s journey discussing the importance of each, and explaining what we can do as marketers to help guide prospects to the decision phase.

Building the Perfect Marketing Team – Step 3

This is our final post on the perfect marketing team, and we will be wrapping up be discussing the demand gen team, as well as the product marketing team. These teams are important because they are the ones responsible for getting customers in the door, and then getting them the right products. We will break down each position starting with the Campaign Manager on the demand gen team.

Building The Perfect Marketing Team – Step 2

At my previous company, we fumbled in the dark to build out the marketing team we needed to grow from $10 million to $40 million in revenue by making a lot of mistakes. We hired the wrong people and had to let them go after too much time had passed. When I talk to other marketing leaders, they have similar stories. In this post, I’ll share a team structure that has worked for me in the past, including roles, org chart, and lessons learned on what not to do. Of course, this certainly isn’t the only way to structure your marketing team, but I hope it will provide visibility into the capabilities you need, regardless of how they’re organized.

The Only 5 Marketing Metrics You Need

I have a bone to pick with marketing metrics. While I’m a big believer in setting quantitative goals and making data-driven decisions, the catalog of marketing metrics has spiraled out of a control. I just got off of a call where some poor marketing manager – let’s call her Anne – walked through 42 slides to illustrate marketing performance this quarter. 42 SLIDES!

Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?

Building the Perfect Marketing Team – Step 1

The role of marketing has changed dramatically in the last decade, and the mix of people you need on your marketing team is very different than it was in the past. There are new roles and skill sets, new technologies, new mindsets and biases. When CEOs complain about their marketing department, I’ve found it’s not necessarily that the individuals on the team are incompetent. More often, it’s because the marketing team doesn’t have the right mix of skills required to achieve the CEO’s goals, which are often driven by revenue.

So, You Wrote Some Content. Now What?

There you are sitting in front of your computer screen, satisfied with the ebook you’ve been working on for the past week. Then it hits you – that sudden feeling of panic that accompanies the question, “Now what?” Because despite your hard work in creating helpful, engaging, and visually stunning content, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time thinking through your distribution strategy. With all of the hype around content marketing and content creation, it’s surprising that there isn’t more written about content distribution.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Do Any Content Marketing

Buyers are increasingly researching solutions to their problems online, and companies are increasingly found by their digital footprint. Content marketing is merely a way to expand that digital footprint so you are more likely to get found. However, before you embrace content marketing and start creating assets at scale, make sure to ask yourself these three questions first.

5 Marketing Trends to Watch Through 2016

Marketing can feel like a constant guessing game. There always seems to be some new piece of information that changes everything we think we know. The best way to stay on top of digital marketing is to keep an eye on what new technologies are being presented to consumers, and what new “buzz words” are popping up in the MarTech circles. Missing emerging marketing trends can have a negative impact not only on your company’s outreach, but also on your bottom-line. Here are five of the emerging marketing trends to keep an eye on the second half of 2016.